UTV Booster Cushion Package

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UTV Booster Cushion Package

Kit includes:

  • 1 - PRP UTV Full Booster Cushion
  • 1 - PRP 4.2 UTV Harness System
  • 2 - 1 1/2" Aluminum Roll Cage Clamps to use as harness belt keepers

One of our goals here at 5X Offroad is to find products to help make taking your little ones out on the trails easier. We bought our RZR to have family-wide fun, so we know there are many others out there who have done the same. The one thing we knew was that our little guy was not going to be able to see over the dash in our RZR 570 sitting in the seat normally, and what fun is that? So our first project was to find a package that sat him in the RZR more comfortably and safer than the stock setup. Here's what we found:

  • The main issue with little riders in the stock seats is they are too low for young kids. There's no mystery to this as they're not designed for kids, but that's not going to stop people from driving around with their kids! Outside of installing a special seat or using a car seat strapped in with stock seat belts, a child will not be able to see over the dash. For this, we found the PRP UTV Booster cushion. This booster cushion is made out of high density foam and covered in breathable black tweed, are about 3-4" thick, and definitely give smaller passengers a better view. It's also very durable and washable, which is smart because it WILL get dirty!
  • The second thing is the stock seat belts. You can really only use the lap belt with a child as the shoulder belt is too high and will go across their neck. Not good! Even when using a booster seat/pad such as the PRP Booster we include in this kit, the stock seat belts are not the ideal solution. For a better seat belt solution, we commissioned the PRP 4.2 Harness, which is a 4-point, 2" strap-width harness that has an automotive style button latch rather than a big heavy latch/link style release. This harness system has a removable sternum strap that helps keep the shoulder straps from sliding down their arms, and also has comfy padding that won't chafe the neck. The automotive style latch is a no-brainer to any parent that's ever dealt with a hard-to-negotiate buckle/latch on a car seat. Just press the red button and it pops apart!
  • With the stock seats, the shoulder harness belts won't have any guides to keep them above the shoulder location. Outside of modifying your seat or buying a new seat with harness guides, we simply used roll cage bar clamps to keep the attachment points of them on the harness bar centered behind the seat. These clamps will simply not allow the harness loops to slide around on the harness bar, which is a good thing even outside of this kit!