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SuperATV Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Half-Windshield Review

Posted by John Adamczyk on Jul 31st 2017

To those who have an outsiders perspective, riding in Florida might seem like a wet and muddy ordeal considering we're in the tropical climate zone. Throughout the summer months this is very much true, however, the winter months in Florida tend to get very dry and dusty. Another aspect of Florida riding is that the temperatures are usually pretty hot, so the wind-in-your-face feature of UTV riding was something we enjoyed, as it kept us cool. 

The above criteria led us to seek out half-windshields for our machines. For the Ranger, we tried the SuperATV branded version (for the RZR we went with EMP for comparisons sake, which will be in a future review). SuperATV products are most certainly some of the best known products for UTV's on the market, so we felt confident that we were going to get a solid product. Here's our impressions:

  • Our windshield arrived packaged nicely, and there was no wonder in what was waiting at our door!

  • Inside the box we found all of the components for the windshield kit, which was fairly simple:
    • The half-windshield, which is constructed of scratch resistant markrolon plastic
    • Windshield clips to attach around the Rangers Pro-Fit roll cage bars
    • Automotive style rubber weatherstripping
    • SuperATV sticker 

  • The most difficult part of the installation was applying the weatherstrip to the bottom of the windshield. For one, it has to be centered. We simply marked the center points of both the weather strip and windshield, lined them up, and used a rubber mallet to snap the weatherstrip onto the windshield. The weatherstrip has a channel groove that will lock onto the windshield, however, it can be removed if need be and reapplied. 

  • We weren't overly impressed by the fitment of the weather stripping in regards to how it mated with the Pro-Fit cage and the windshield clips. As you can see in the pics, the weatherstripping is being squished underneath the clip, which was because the windshield itself was a touch too wide, not allowing the weatherstrip to "tuck" into the recess of the Pro-Fit cage. If you look at the top of the windshield, you can see how it fits nicely into the Pro-Fit cage recess. The weatherstripping was just too thick and forced the windshield to be pushed to the front of the cage, which didn't leave it with a clean finished look. It's hardly a big deal, and won't effect performance at all, but being somewhat obsessive compulsive, this drove us nuts! If SuperATV cut the windshield just a bit smaller in width, it would have fit perfectly. 

  • The windshield clips were of a nice design. They have a stylish plastic exterior and use a velcro strap that threads through the clip, then through the windshield to hold it to the cage. It's a solid design, but it's a little tricky to fit into the notches in the windshield, then to get threaded. We had to take a rat-tail file and enlarge the slot for the clip just a bit to make it easier to fit, then employed the use of needle-nose pliers to help get the velcro threaded through the clip. After they're attached, they hold very tight!

  • After the windshield is attached, we peeled off the protective wrapper. It came off clean, but you'll need to rub off a few lines of residue in the top U-channel where the machines bent the windshield during production. This was obviously done with the protective wrapping on and the pressure of the machine bending the plastic causes some of the adhesive to stick to the windshield. I highly doubt this is avoidable, and can be cleaned off by using your finger or a rag with water on it. We restrained from using any sort of cleaning solution in fear that it would damage or react with the plastic.

Overall, the windshield is a very high quality product and worked very well during our riding. It channels air up and out of the face of most riders. Those of the taller sort and over 6ft (like me) will probably have to slouch down a bit to avoid getting air in your face, but it does lessen the amount of it and will keep you from getting hit with bugs and debris (which was an issue with no windshield). In the rain, it will not protect you from getting wet, but it's also not designed to do that. In a warm climate like Florida, the half-windshield is a great all-around option for those who want a nice cooling breeze, but not the dust and debris that can sometimes go with it. It also provides an open view of the trail ahead. If you live in a cold climate or ride in the rain often, definitely look towards the full windshield we also offer from either SuperATV or EMP. 

I hope this review helps you in your decision! If you're interested in this product, we offer here on our site with Free Shipping!

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