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Information overload! Reviews! Our philosophy and mantra here at 5X Offroad

Posted by John Adamczyk on Jul 26th 2017

Part of our scope for 5X Offroad was to go beyond just selling items, but rather to experience them and try them on our vehicles in order to be able provide people who are interested in these products (customers or not) with more detailed information and our thoughts on the product. Amazon has made product reviews a necessity in today's online shopping world, and we always appreciate an in-depth review when we're researching a product we're interested in. Sometimes the review will make - or break - our decision, so in an effort to set ourselves apart from the many other well-established UTV parts companies out there who sell the same items as us, we are going to focus a lot of our effort on reviews and blogs for those who seek "more" when looking at potential products for their UTV's. Hopefully our quest in going beyond just trying to sell you a product will help you decide if the product is right for you, and furthermore, hopefully you purchase the product from us in appreciation for our effort in digging into the products and providing more informative details beyond the built-in product descriptions from the manufacturers!

We hope you find our reviews helpful, and we know we have a steep (very steep!) path to climb in order to get your business over your regular "go-to" UTV parts shop. In a landscape where just about every business can obtain the same manufacturer relationships and sell the same products online, the only difference typically lies in who can ship it for free and offer the lowest price, so we hope that our reviews will put us one step higher on your list of "go-to" shops for your UTV parts.

Thank you for reading!